Ski / Snowboard Club

The Ski/Snowboard Club welcomes St. Thomas students in grades 3-8 to join us for some fun on the slopes this year. For six weeks in January and February, club members participate in the Ski/Ride Program at Blandford Ski Area in Blandford, MA. All skill levels are welcome to participate, whether you are an experienced rider or just starting out, everyone will find what they’re looking for in our program.

Students participating in Ski Club bring their equipment to school with them on Fridays during the program. All equipment is safely stored and locked away during the school day. Students who don’t own equipment have the opportunity to rent it from Competitive Edge through the Ski/Ride Program. Bus transportation is provided from the school to Blandford and back. If there are any changes in transportation for the day, please send a note to school with your child explaining the change.

Fun and safety are our primary goals at St. Thomas. All riders are required to wear a helmet at all times while on the slopes. First time skiers and boarders are also required to take lessons with the experienced Blandford ski instructor staff.

This year promises to be another fun and exciting year for the St. Thomas Ski/Ride Program. For more information, please contact Nathan Champiney at and think snow!!!

Golf Club

The Golf Club is open to K-8 students and meets at Shaker Farms Country Club in Westfield, MA. Students who are new to the game take lessons with the golf pro at Shaker Farms. More experienced players use the time to play the course with the Golf Club’s chaperones.

Now being offered in both the fall and the spring, the Golf Club emphasizes teamwork, honesty, and perseverance. Members celebrate at the end of each session with a dinner at Shaker Farms.

For more information, please contact

Drama Club

The Drama Club is open to students in grades six through eight. Depending on the number of members, fifth graders may be allowed to participate. Each spring since 2010, the Drama Club has performed a full-length, two-act play in front of approximately 200 audience members.

Beginning in November, the directors read scripts, send out registration forms, and plan the production. Rehearsals begin in January and are scheduled for one hour weekly through February. In March, those rehearsals run for two hours. Rehearsals increase to two hours twice a week in April, and the performance occurs in early May.

The Drama Club requires a serious commitment from members. During rehearsals, members learn lines, practice basic acting techniques, and learn how to use their voice. They also are expected to practice their lines at home. In the process, members advance their study skills, become more comfortable making oral presentations, and grow in self confidence.


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