Welcome to my classroom page.  As the year goes on, please check back frequently as important information will be posted here.

As I begin my 8th year at St. Thomas, I think about what is important for you to know.  First, I am here to partner with parents in the education of their children.  You are an essential part of your child’s learning, and I need and value your support.  Second, your child will read a lot this year.  We will explore novels together in class. There is also a monthly reading log with an assigned fiction book.  I am careful to chose a variety of books to appeal to as many students as possible, while expanding their literature horizons.  Will your child like and enjoy every book?  Probably not, but they will learn something essential from each one. There will be in class tests and assignments related to each of these novels. I recommend  keeping a reading journal for each novel which should include  a list and description of each character, the setting, and a brief summary. More information to come.

I understand how busy life is, so I consciously assign minimal written homework on a daily basis. That being said, there will be a variety of projects throughout the year.

We will also spend a lot of time learning the essentials of English grammar and writing.  We will continue to use IXL to practice our skills and sharpen our tools.

While we will work hard, we will have  fun too.

I look forward to working with each of you and your children.






Mrs. Karen McHugh

Please remember all students should be bringing home Vocabulary Workshop each night to study our current words.  Both fifth and sixth grades have begun Unit 2.  On the back cover of their book is the web address for online practice which is very helpful.  http://www.vocabularyworkshop.com