I have been a member of the St. Thomas faculty since September 1989.  I received both my BA and M.Ed from Westfield State College, and in 2012 was awarded the Pioneer Valley Excellence in Teaching Award by the Grinspoon Foundation.

I absolutely love teaching first grade! It is an amazing learning and fun place to watch children discover their potential. I’ve always believed that creating a peaceful and organized environment, encouraging individual problem solving, fostering independent learning, and promoting personal responsibility will lead to positive academic and personal growth in even the youngest of students.

I look forward to each school year with excitement and enthusiasm, and am always anxious to meet and work with new families and students. I am confident that together we can create a valuable foundation for academic and life-long learning success.

Mrs. Diane Pronovost


Dear Parents, January, 2018

January is upon us and almost half of the school year is over! The children are excited about the many activities and special programs that will be happening this month: an introduction to the solar system, the seven continents, polar animals, Martin Luther King Jr., winter weather, and preparation for Catholic Schools Week, just to name a few! We will be busy!

Again, thank you, moms and dads, for all your gifts and Christmas wishes during this holiday season. Your thoughtfulness and generosity are sincerely appreciated.

Reading/Language Arts skills will continue to focus on comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and written expression, along with working with a variety of writing forms. Math skills will continue to involve solving addition and subtraction problems, representing and interpreting data, sequencing numbers, understanding place value, and comparing two-digit numbers. We will be introducing and strengthening these skills throughout the coming weeks with fun and interesting classroom activities to promote learning and application.

Conferences are scheduled for February 8th with an Early Dismissal day provided, starting at 10:15 AM. If you would like to meet anytime between now and then please send in a note requesting a day/time and I will do my best to accommodate your appointment. I can be available in the days and weeks to follow at your convenience. Times are before school (7:15 AM) or after school (2:00 PM).

This is the toughest part of the school year as we fight the calendar with a generous vacation schedule and the possibility of snow days/delayed mornings. As noted above, please continue supporting your child in his/her development here in First Grade, and remember – practice makes better!

Happy New Year to all.

Mrs. Pronovost