Happy June,

            Spirit is what sets schools apart. It’s what makes school memories so precious, and even though you can’t define it in a word, you know it when you see it or hear it or feel it! We definitely felt it at our Family Picnic and at our exciting farewell school rally for Fr. Tatro!

            We are a school community that chooses to make a difference in the lives of children who deserve the best that education can offer. “We are blessed at St. Thomas School”.

            For those of us involved in education, this time of year affords the opportunity to reflect on our year, grateful for our accomplishments and looking at the challenges and possibilities ahead.

We give thanks for all good things….

…the growth and success that has taken place in each of our students

…the fostering of student leadership and responsibility through Student Council  

…outreach to our neighbors near and far through our Community Outreach days and students performing community service

…a Catholic Schools Week that captured the core of our mission and challenges us to remember that we celebrate Catholic Schools every day

…for our faculty and volunteers who give your child an opportunity to participate in all of our great school clubs-Battle of the Books, Drama, Knitting, Girls on the Run, Golf, Ski & Snowboarding

…the availability of a wonderful After School/Extended Care program, providing safe and enjoyable care of children for our working families

…a School Board who continually sees the big picture and finds ways to assure the viability of our school

…the presence of our extraordinary PTO members who work so hard to provide educational experiences for our children inside and outside of the classroom and who generously raise funds for our students

…for our Golf Committee who create a tournament each year that far surpasses all others

…the daily nutritious meals carefully prepared by our dedicated cafeteria staff

…and, of course, our dedicated pastor, teachers and support staff who remain the heart and spirit of this most wonderful institution of faith and learning. “We are blessed at St. Thomas the Apostle School”. Our most profound and humble THANKS are extended to all who have made this a great year.

            As we bring our school year to an end, we know that there will be some students who will not join us in the fall. Our graduating eighth grade will be greatly missed. They have inspired us with their love for learning, their concern for our younger students and those less fortunate, and have made their mark at St. Thomas with their individual success. They are shining stars and have illuminated a spirit here that will not be forgotten. Others among us will be attending new schools because of relocation, financial constraints or personal reasons. Each student has been an integral part of the St. Thomas School community and will be missed. We wish them well as they go forth.

It is with deep gratitude and appreciation that we say farewell to Fr. Tatro and wish him all wonderful things as he journeys on from St. Thomas School and Parish. Fr. Tatro has helped to make our school a great one and he will forever be in our hearts.

            On behalf of the faculty and staff, I thank you for a great school year and pray that you have a safe and enjoyable summer.

See you all on Thursday, August 29, 2019!


Sr. Patty


There are still a few Memory Books available if any family would like to purchase one. The cost of the Memory Book is $30.00.



Students from St. Thomas the Apostle School’s Student Council once again took on the challenge from Baystate Children’s Hospital to have all of the students become Change Heroes. The school collected $2,577.42 in change for the hospital. The school’s efforts were rewarded with a check from Pioneer Valley Credit Union in the amount of $1.000.00.  Many thanks to all of our students and families for making this event so successful. Special thanks to Mr. Nathan Champiney and Mrs. Amanda Malouin for working with our Student Council this year!



A school uniform SWAP/TAKE will begin on Monday, June 10. The uniforms will remain on tables outside the main office allowing you to come and browse any day before or after school.

We encourage you to send uniforms in at any time before the SWAP. Please remember that we will not be accepting polo shirts without the school logo. Students will be wearing only the polo shirts with our school logo for the school year 2019-2020.  The shirts must be purchased through Blake’s School Uniform Store.



If you know that your family will be using the After School Program for next school year, registration forms are now due! Please be sure to send this information back to school as soon as possible. If you need registration information, please call the school office. All families currently using the program must re-register if your child will be attending the program in the fall.




While everyone loves the summer and its leisurely schedule, as educators, we would like to encourage on-going learning throughout the days of July and August.

Read…read…read some more! Our required summer reading is minimal and takes but a short amount of time. The more children read, the better prepared they will be to start school in the fall. Have a book handy at all times.

In addition to reading, it is also critical for students to sharpen their math skills. Summer is a great time to do this. Depending on grade level, children must be well versed and quick to respond to basic math facts as well as to multiplication and division tables. Invest in (or make) flash cards and spend some time each day mastering these critical skills.

You will be doing your child/ren such a service by building in some time each day to READ and do MATH. Learning can really be lots of fun!



The school office is open during the summer months. If you need information or wish to speak to Sr. Patty or Mrs. Whitehead, please call the office.

If we are not here to answer the phone, please leave a message on the answering machine and we will gladly return your phone call.

You may also email – Sr. Patty  phottinssj@comcast.net   Mrs. Whitehead  jmwevan50@comcast.net


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